If you haven't discovered The Squiz yet do yourself a favour, sign up to their free daily newsletter and subscribe to their podcast pronto. 

The brainchild of self-professed news junkies, The Squiz is an efficient and entertaining way to consume news designed by women with women in mind. 

Kate Watson, Clair Kimball and Larissa Moore (as pictured above from left to right) live and breathe news and deliver tasty, factual snippets with a side-dish of analysis first-thing every morning.


For those of you who want to keep abreast of the happenings of the day, but get overwhelmed with the amount of information and platforms available...this is the answer you have been waiting for!

I have incorporated the podcast into my morning routine for the past week and feel so much more informed about the top news stories that have hit overnight. 

My biggest question though; just when do they sleep?!

Click here to read more about these amazing ladies and to sign up to The Squiz.

Words: Natalie Kessell

Image Credit: The Squiz

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