Inspirational Women Series: Zoltina-J Medwik-Daley

July 18, 2018

With an impressive 19 years working at sea and a decade with P&O Cruises, popular Cruise Director Zoltina-J is a woman dedicated to her craft, her brand and to entertaining the many thousands of guests who holiday aboard her ships. 


Promoted to the role of Cruise Director for Holland America Line at the tender age of 23, she was the first female to be placed in the role for the company and continues to champion other women working at sea. 


Though we spent many years working as part of the same team at P&O Cruises, I remember the first time we met fondly. It was back in 2008 when I was a guest sailing aboard Pacific Dawn, my first time at sea since I worked aboard the Fair Princess in 2000.


I remember being wowed by her outfits and her stage presence and yearned to work back at sea by the time I got off the ship because I "just wanted her job"!


Fast forward a few more years and we sailed together again. This time, I was onboard in a journalistic capacity, writing about the Pacific Pearl's crossing to New Zealand. It just seemed destined to be that our paths would continue to cross.


It was in 2013 though when we had the opportunity to really connect though. I commenced working for P&O Cruises as the then Entertainment Coordinator. Through my four years with the company and subsequent promotion to Guest Experience Program Manager, Zoltina-J and I worked side-by-side to deliver many a memorable Theme and Main Event cruise for our guests. 


Having two strong women work alongside each other can be challenging and, I'll be honest, we did disagree at times! One thing remained clear though, everything we did, we did for the good of the brand and the enjoyment of the guests and, with that focus at the forefront of every decision we made, we were always able to come to a resolution. When there is mutual respect, a resolution that works for everyone is always achievable!


With many record-breaking achievements under her belt during her time at sea, Zoltina-J is a driven woman who exudes vivaciousness and professionalism in her role and it is an honour to have someone I truly admire as both a friend and role model to many, a part of the Biz Gals Inspirational Women Series. 








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