The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Askers

July 20, 2018

Do you know of the 90’s book sensation 'The 7 habits of highly effective people', by Stephen R. Covey?


The tag-line of the book is “powerful lessons for personal change”
I believe that there are many ways to inspire personal change, and asking is one of them. 
We all have to ask. 
Sometimes it is easy; sometimes it is hard. Sometimes we will get a yes, and sometimes we will get a no. 
Either way, we can only go so far on our own, and then we need support. Whether as a business owner, a parent, a community member, or all three, unless we want the wheels to fall off (and they do), we have to ask.
Below are the “7 habits of highly effective askers”. I hope that they assist you next time you need to ask for time, money, support, or just about anything.
Habit 1 - Effective askers think about why they are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or resentful and then they ask themselves the question: “If there was someone who could support me right now, who would that person be?”
Habit 2 - Effective askers identify the person or persons whom they can ask for help, to whom they could delegate or defer, or with whom they can collaborate.
Habit 3 - Effective askers take action. Instead of wallowing in frustration, overwhelm and resentment, they do something about it. They understand that asking is a strength, not a weakness.
Habit 4 - Effective askers seek clarity on the ask before they ask, always allowing the person being asked to have all the information they need before deciding whether they can help.
Habit 5 - Effective askers do not take a “no” personally. They either renegotiate the ask or lick their wounds and ask someone else. 
Habit 6 - Effective askers accept support when offered. They understand that every single human being thrives when using their skills to support another. They also know that support received and given with gratitude leaves both parties winning.
Habit 7 - Effective askers do not mind being asked themselves. Although they cannot always say yes, they do when they can. They understand that none of us can get to where we want to, alone. 
Not even you. So, what do you need?


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