Inspirational Women Series: Kirsty Farrugia

December 24, 2017

Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way when it comes to decluttering your life and making space physically, mentally and emotionally to clear the way for change and growth. 


Kirsty Farrugia facilitates just this and so much more as part of her professional organising business Feels Like Home Professional Organisers. Passionate about helping to bring about transformation to her clients through patient and non-judgemental training in clutter-free living, she started The Art of Decluttering podcast with her friend and fellow Professional Organiser Amy Revell earlier this year.


Their aim? To arm their listeners with the tools required to free them from stress and chaos by decluttering and organising their lives.  


Biz Gals: What is your greatest achievement?

Kirsty: Apart from my beautiful family, my greatest achievement has been starting my own business. I never realised just how entrepreneurial I was until I decided to step out of my comfort zone and create a business that I love and that I am so passionate about. As part of my business, I launched the podcast The Art of Decluttering in collaboration with Amy and that has certainly been the best achievement of 2017 for me. The community we have been able to grow has been so heartwarming and definitely the best thing about podcasting!


Biz Gals:What is the greatest lesson you have learnt?

Kirsty: I am still learning it! It is the lesson of Grace! I need grace when I stuff up and I give grace daily to the people I am honoured to connect with. I am learning to extend the most generous interpretation possible to the intentions, words and actions of others (Thanks, Brene Brown!) The more I offer grace the more I find that I am offered it and believe you me I need it in truckloads!


Biz Gals: What is the best bit of advice you have been given?

Kirsty: I am a huge fan of the author Brene Brown and her social research into courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy. So I think the best advice I have been given from her books is what I said in regards to my greatest lesson; to extend a generous interpretation to the actions, words and intentions of others. It can be really hard to do sometimes (especially with my dearest ones, to be honest) but it is well worth the effort.


Biz Gals: What or who inspires you?

Kirsty: What inspires me is the concept that I can have a deep transformational impact on just one more person! Whether that be through the smile I give to someone, the hugs I give to my children, the words of hope and freedom I speak with my clients, the laughs I have with Amy during our podcasts, the grace I extend to someone who hurt me so on and so forth. I can only control my actions and my response to people and I love the idea that I can't control how it might impact someone else! 


Biz Gals: What is your biggest hope for women in the future?

Kirsty: My biggest hope for women in the future is that they will step out of their comfort zones - whatever they may be - and create beautiful communities and opportunities around them that bring life, hope and freedom to themselves and for others. I am so excited about our futures!


After a full day of organising my home office last week, Kirsty took some time out to share her top 3 tips to help declutter and organise your life for the new year.


My personal favourite; "go shopping" at home before you go shopping. The amount of items that you have forgotten you already have will surprise you!


Check out her other tips in the video below:




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