Inspiration For 2018

December 21, 2017

With 2018 nearly upon us, we wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to some of the inspirational women we showcased in 2017 and garner some words of wisdom from them for the new year. We have been blown away by the sheer brilliance of these women and look forward to sharing more of their stories in the future. 


"Nature always impresses me with its resilience. Weeds will always regrow no matter how many times you pull them out, two weeks later another will always appear again. A lioness will wait for hours in the heat of the African Savannah until the timing is perfect and the right Gazelle unwittingly trots away from the herd to drink at the river. The Lioness pounces and all the waiting was worth it.


Humans on the other hand have a tendency to give up after the first try, or, even worse don’t try at all. Whether this comes down to fear, ego or just laziness it doesn’t really matter. I know so many people unhappy with their circumstances, fearful to take the next step, contact that person they know who could probably open that door that desperately needs opening, or finish their resume and email it off to that dream job they know they could do in a heartbeat. All the excuses, all the self doubt, I’ve heard it all, I’ve experienced it all. None of it matters in the end, because the only person who can change your circumstances is you. Be the Lioness and pounce at the perfect time, be the weed and keep growing, keep calling, keep knocking or keep asking. Nature never questions it’s reasoning for moving forward, it just does. It does because if it doesn’t something else will. Be the fittest, be the fastest, be the kindest, be the brightest, be the best you can be, and keep moving forward. Be the rolling stone, don’t let that moss gather!"


Alana Patience

Professional Dancer on Dancing With The Stars. Competed for 12 years, won it twice....persistence pays off! 



The festive season can tend to get quite stressful, so we called on mindfulness expert Suzie Q to share her tips on surviving the silly season in just 5 easy steps.



"In 2018, raise your hand for that big project, put yourself forward for the scary (and exciting) promotion, take those big risks that lead to learning, development and, eventually, self confidence."

Jennifer Vandekreeke, Vice President Australia - Carnival Cruise Line


The festive season is an ideal time to get your environment decluttered and organised ready to start afresh in the new year. Professional Organiser at Feels Like Home Professional Organisers and co-host of The Art of Decluttering podcast Kirsty Farrugia shares some tips and tricks to inspire you to become your most organised self in 2018. 





"Take a leap of faith and pursue your passion. You CAN achieve anything you set your mind to but sometimes you just need to embrace the fear and jump into the unknown to allow your dreams to realise themselves. Gamble on yourself and don't let the naysayers get you down. This may all seem like a string of cliches but what I realised this year is that the cliches had to have come from truth at some point! Discover your truth, explore, experiment and most of all, have fun on the journey!


At the end of the day it is your belief in yourself that will get you through. Don't rely on anyone else to get you there."

Natalie Kessell, Biz Gals Founder


Share your advice for 2018 or what you have learned this year with our Biz Gals Community on Facebook. This is a place where you will find encouragement, celebration of your achievements and commiseration with your challenges. Share the load in the new year and let our Biz Gals Community be your cheerleaders!  




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