Inspirational Women Series: Emma Corbett (Suzie Q)

April 26, 2017

Today's inspirational Biz Gal is a woman of many, varied talents. From her career as an acrobat and trapeze artist to being a yoga teacher, Mindfulness Coach and Author, Emma Corbett (aka Suzie Q) challenges herself continually and inspires many with her drive and determination. 

Biz Gals: What is your greatest achievement?
Emma: I have spent my whole life dedicated to ‘achieving’. As a result I have ‘achieved’ many things: investment properties, successful businesses, representing Australia in my chosen sport, gracing the covers and pages of prominent magazines, being a finalist on Australia’s Got Talent.


What I am realising as I grow older is that my value actually comes from being, rather than doing and that sometimes there is more to be gained from not-doing, rather than doing. Learning not to achieve has been my greatest achievement.

Biz Gals: What is the greatest lesson you have learned?
Emma: Sometimes reality does not match up to your expectations. I have had a business not work out as I had envisioned, that is now being run by someone else who is loving it, has made it a huge success and has created a thriving community around it. Your thoughts shape your reality, so you can choose to see something as a ‘success’ or a ‘failure’. It’s entirely up to you.

Biz Gals: What is the best bit of advice you have been given?
Emma: “Just sit and do nothing. Only out of true nothingness can ‘something’ arise.” It’s also the hardest bit of advice to follow!

Biz Gals: What inspires you?
Emma: People who are connected to their centre. People who have stepped outside the box and can recognise the unimportance of the box.

Biz Gals: What is your biggest hope for women in the future?
Emma: Women supporting other women who have beliefs different to their own. Women being supported as CEO’s, mothers, pole dancers, religious leaders – whatever they choose, without judgement.
And at the same time not being so attached to the different roles that we play – ‘mum’, ‘entrepreneur’, ‘athlete’.
Perhaps if we could not hold so tightly to who we think we are and what we think is true we won’t get so thrown off centre by people whose beliefs and values are different to our own.

Click here to check out more info on Emma's retreats and background.

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