Inspirational Women Series: Sally Walsh

I first came across Sally Walsh’s beautiful artworks on Facebook about four years ago. Until then, I had never seen such divine, pretty and, especially in the case of her paintings of baby animals, utterly adorable pieces. 


A Sydney local, Sally radiates sunshine and positivity in all that she does. Her art has been referred to as, “a glimpse into a world of rainbow filled dreams” and “confetti coloured imagery that wraps your heart in happiness.” 


One look at some of her vibrant masterpieces and you’ll know those descriptions are apt. 


Her signature water colour splashes (dubbed blobettes by her adoring watercolour tribe) add a depth and realism to her artwork that makes you feel like you could step into the page and join the characters she has created. 


Life as an artist remains supremely busy for Sally. A sneak peek at her schedule sees private art commission, hosting exhibitions globally, illustrating children’s books (she is currently working on a title in collaboration with American author Amy Egbert), creating “live art” at corporate events and weddings, painting murals and teaching workshops around the world. And that is just a snapshot!

Sally also puts her creativity to use as a full-service graphic designer, has worked as an illustrator on several Disney movies and as a travel photographer. It seems like there is nothing this amazing woman can't do!


In amongst creating such beauty, she balances family life with her husband and two adorable sons. It’s no wonder she is so inspired to create such magnificent art!

Biz Gals: What is your greatest achievement? 

Sally: I have a couple. Being able to inject happiness into peoples' lives (from all around the world) with my bright and happy art. Continuing to run my creative art business, Sillier Than Sally, to flourish, learn and grow….while having two beautiful little boys (1 & 5 years old) that LOVE throwing daily spanners in amongst all my best laid work plans! 

Biz Gals: What is the greatest lesson you have learnt? 

Sally: Over time I have learnt to trust my quirky nature and not shy away from it. I now understand that being different and, let's say, a little unique, is hella OK!  Actually, it’s awesome! And if anyone thinks otherwise, that's OK too….I can leave them to their boring ways! 

Biz Gals: What is the best bit of advice you have been given? 

Sally: “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”

Also the importance of nourishing your body and soul daily, so that you can then help others nourish theirs! This advice is still very much a work in progress for this working (prone to burnouts) mama! 

​Biz Gals: What or who inspires you? 

Sally: My fellow art ladies that are killing it in the art scene, they inspire me so!  


I see so many amazing female artist rising up into their true artistic selves online through social media. These ladies are from around the globe and are usually juggling running a creative art business (so think of the craziness and uncertainties of a “small business” and then double it!), while also creating magnificent art, stunning product lines, forging their own career paths and keeping their husbands and children alive and thriving! My hat is off to you amazing ladies! 

“Creative business podcasts”  also inspire me. I am obsessed with them!


It’s like having a business, bestie and mentor in your corner. Good podcasts nourish my soul! 

Biz Gals: What is your biggest hope for women in the future? 

Sally: My biggest hope for women now and in the future, is for ladies to embrace their awesomeness. To let what is amazing about them shine brightly, rather than dulling themselves down due to societal pressures and thinking they need to fit into a cookie-cutter mould of what a “woman” should be. 

For each woman to know in her core, that she is power and beauty, is fierce and fabulous!

And for the “equal rights” conversation to just be a thing of the past, as females in all our awesomeness would no longer stand for anything less! 

Biz Gals: What advice would you give your younger self?

Sally: To know that it’s ok to walk your own path. That even though society might try and hand you ‘a standard set of options’ for your life/work journey, your life is actually a chance to choose your own adventure, and to start engaging and choosing for yourself earlier rather than later.   


Words: Natalie Kessell 

Image Credits: Sally Walsh

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