Gretel Killeen's most recent book is a much awaited treasure after a writing hiatus of several years. To make this item even more special, the author herself has autographed each copy especially for Biz Gals!


When Zeb the zebra is born with spots into a society of conservatism, fluff and prejudice, her striped family must choose between their comfort and security and her life. Blessed with an interim solution the family successfully disguises Zeb's difference until circumstances force their hand. What follows is at once a delightful tale, an extraordinary insight into the evolution of persecution and a message of hope with bad drawings.


Gretel Killeen is a best-selling author, award-winning TV host, comic, social/political commentator and is renowned for her humour and insight.

The Zebra Who Lost Its Spots is funny, profound and a little bloody frightening in its truth and prophecy.

"The Zebra Who Lost Its Spots"- Gretel Killeen (Autographed)

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  • This book has been autographed personally by Gretel Killeen especially for Biz Gals!

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