Inspirational Women Series: Leina Broughton

Fashion designer Leina Broughton is a woman's woman. 


A New Zealand native, Leina took a leap of faith and moved to the big smoke of Sydney at the age of 20 where she worked in a fabric shop with the aim to meet designers and immerse herself in the Australian fashion industry. 

Designer, Leina Broughton, started the label in 2010 after working with Country Road in the start up team for their sister brand Trenery. After working with many other well known Australian brands, she knew it was time to take the leap of faith and branch out on her own. She hit the boutique market with a unique direction of offering mini collections every two months instead of the traditional season heavy ranges.  

​In 2013, Leina met Fleur Richardson, who had moved to the Gold Coast for a sea-change. They joined forces as LBFR Creative and have taken the brand to the next level. Specialising in Australian made jersey garments for the modern Australian woman.

There was an immediate connection with Leina & Fleur as they had incredibly complimentary skill sets and the same work ethic. Within six months they were walking into equal business partnership and getting ready to move the business to the next level.  

To kick start the partnership, Fleur and Leina decided to build their own software cloud platform to run their entire business operations. In 2014 they were awarded a federal grant to build the software and in 2016 went on to become finalists in the Telstra business awards. The business has grown beyond a brand and become a way of life for these two.

With a commitment to creating high quality garments developed and manufactured in Australia, their loyal, body positive and loving tribe is testament to the community vibe that Leina & Fleur have nurtured as they have grown the business. 

Words: Natalie Kessell


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